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Support for quickbooks is our support service related to the overall management of your payroll system. This is a kind of package including technical, non-technical, accountancy, and overall management responsibilities. Working with quickbooks and generating your desired report is not just enough as you are storing your data to a system which depends on the media. The main goal of the system is the digitization which comes with a con of data storage. We need to take care of proper data backup. Proper data backup and recovery is one of the most vital aspect of the system and this needs to be done very efficiently as this can lead to the failure and loss of the whole payroll management data. quickbooks support takes care of everything crucial for you. You may require support for following things as they are little fiddly.

 How to export your data?
 How to use priory exported data and importing them?
 How to manage user accounts?
 How to manage Money incoming and outgoing one?
 How to manage bank details and synchronization with the accounts?
 Are you getting error in quickbooks?
 Are you not able to backup the quickbooks Data File?
 Are you looking for quickbooks Technical Support Phone Number?
 Do you want to adjust tax liabilities?
 Do you need quickbooks to work like personal assistance for your payments and tax filings?

There many other things which can become a doubt while working. One simple process can have multiple processes depending upon it. As an account management user one needs to take care of all the dependencies whether technical or non-technical. quickbooks is an umbrella of various features and accessing precise feature to get accurate finishing point and functioning. In case you need live assistance or want to talk to an expert on the phone, call on our quickbooks Tech Support Number for immediate resolution of your queries. Customer satisfaction is out top most priority.


The error codes below are some of the common quickbooks Error codes that are repairable. This is not a complete list of errors and in most of the cases, we can recover files with our advance troubleshooting tools and with the help of our Data recovery experts.

quickbooks Error Error Description
quickbooks Error 80070057 Connection to the company file has been lost. quickbooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.
quickbooks Error 3371 quickbooks is unable to load the license data and information.
Error 3371, Status Code -11118 quickbooks could not initialize the license properties.Contact Technical Support for help.
Error -6150 , -1006 This error occurs when quickbooks wants to create, open or use the company file and its data, but file is not opening. It normally happens due to excess corruption in company file usually caused by Cryptowall Virus in the system.
Error 80070057 quickbooks in unable to run your company file with desired "path location", parameter is incorrect.
Error -6000, -83 This type of error occurs when quickbooks is trying to access the company file from the server.
Error -6000, -77 This Error occurs when quickbooks is trying to open the company file.
Error 6000, 107 quickbooks is unable to open the company file. This error occurs when the quickbooks company file and the network data or transaction log file is damaged.
Error 6000, 816 This occurs when quickbooks is unable to open the company file because the file is already in use or damaged or not supported.
Error 6000 304 Unable to open the company file due to low disk space or insufficient memory.
Error 6000 301 Unable to open company file because file is not saved in local hard disk or in the hard disk of a server in which quickbooks database server manager is running.
Error 6000 82 Unable to open the Company file because quickbooks cannot access the file which is saved in another system.
Error 6000 95 This type of error comes during converting of Accountant's copy transfer file (.X) into Accountant's copy (.A).
Error 6000 308 Unable to open company File due the non-updated version of quickbooks.
Error 6000 1076 Unable to open company file due to corrupted or damaged quickbooks Data/Company File.
Error 6010, 100 quickbooks installation files in your system may have been modified.
Error 6000, 205 This kind of Error occurs when quickbooks is having trouble logging into the database which has been associated with the targeted company file you want to convert.
Error 6032, 158 This Error occurs due to internal database server error.
Error 6123, 0 Error occurs when the connection to the quickbooks company file has been lost.
Error 6032, 195 Error occurs if the original .W (quickbooks Company file) data file is damaged.
Error H101 This error indicates the system in which quickbooks company file is located, need additional network configuration due to some security issues or damaged files.
Error H202 quickbooks cannot access the company file which has been located in another computer due to network settings issue.
Error H303 The main computer where quickbooks company file is located, needs additional configuration due to incorrect hosting configuration settings.
Error H505 The computer where quickbooks company file is located, needs some additional configuration, because quickbooks is not able to obtain the IP address of the computer in which the company file is located. This happens in multi user mode.
Error 6085 This Error occurs when restoring a backup after entering the wrong password.
Error 6098, 5 Error comes up when opening quickbooks data file from the server.
Error 6130 This Error usually occurs when trying open quickbooks company file after installation of quickbooks Company File Diagnostic Tool.
Error 6129, 101 Error occurs while opening a quickbooks company file due to multi user hosted systems are not running the updated version of quickbooks.
Error 6175, 0 This Error occurs when quickbooks is trying to access the company file but database server manager is not responding.
Error 6175 This Error occurs when quickbooks database Server Manager is not able to start or stop.
Error 6189 quickbooks cannot determine the cause of the error in the company file.
Error 6129 This Error comes due to failed verification of Database connection.
Error 6108, 105 Error occurs when quickbooks company file is unable to open because of the multi user permissions.
quickbooks Error Code (c) Error Description
C=1 This Error occurs in quickbooks V5.0/R4, after backup and restore to a new system due to non-standard video settings.
C=3 Unable to open quickbooks company file on a Mac Computer. This error occurs only in Mac versions of quickbooks.
C=9 quickbooks is unable to read from an auxiliary file at the operating system file system level due to damaged disk.
C=10 Error occurs due to damaged file during backup, restore, export, mail merge process.
C=19 You are unable to delete the transaction because the transaction is incomplete. This error happens during Data condensing.
C=21 This kind of Error occurs when quickbooks tries to close the company file in the middle of the recording a transaction, is not able to do so.
C=32 This type of error occurs when you want to open a file which was used in a newer version of quickbooks and unable to open in the older one now.
C=38 quickbooks Data file Backup related error.
C=43 This Error occurs during reading or memorizing a transaction.
C=44 This kind of Error occurs during writing a transaction. This error may damage the data file, or may cause out of memory.
C=47 Error comes when trying to remove a transaction from the report.
C=51 Known as benign error. It can be resolved by contacting quickbooks Technical Support help Desk
C=53 Error occurs while trying to delete an entry from the list. Contact quickbooks Tech Support for help.
C=55, 64 This Error occurs while network is temporarily down.
C=88 Error occurs while writing to the quickbooks file on quickbooks file level.
C=147 Known as benign error. Call our quickbooks Toll free Number for live help.
C=184 This Error occurs during matching the report of February 28th and 29th.
C=210 This type of error usually appears in files with Error code C=53. Call our quickbooks Tech Support Phone Number for help
C=212 Error occurs while file has already been used in later version of quickbooks.
C=225, 260, 265 Databse Error. Get immediate quickbooks Support from the experts.
C=315 Miscellaneous Error due to assertion failed. Dial our quickbooks Technical Support phone number for instant resolution.
C=339 Memory is full to send any new message.
Error Code Others Error Description
Error 15215 Server not responding or it might be due to incomplete Payroll updates.
Error 324 Error occurs due to interrupted banking transaction. Dial our quickbooks Support Number for help
Error 392 Error occurs because quickbooks is unable to communicate with your bank. It can be resolved easily.
Error 1303 Due to lack of control or authorization to users in multi-user environment in quickbooks.
Error 1920 quickbooks Database Manager service is unable to start. quickbooks is unable to establish a connection with database.
Error 1619 This Error occurs during installation of Adobe Flash player 8.
Error 1324 This Error occurs if the path or directory contains invalid character during quickbooks installation.
Error 1612 Error occurs when the installation source for quickbooks is not available.
Error 1625 This Error occurs if the user has not enough authorization to change the system settings.
Error 1316 It indicates the network error while attempting to read from the quickbooks File.
Error 1904 Error occurs because failed in registration process during quickbooks installation.
Error 1618 This error occurs while installing Microsoft Runtime Library. Contact our quickbooks Tech support number for help.
Error 1335 Error occurs if the cabinet file which is required for quickbooks installation is corrupt.
Error 1334 quickbooks is unable to get installed because the cabinet file is not found in your computer.
Error 1310 This kind of Error occurs while writing a file. This can occur in either quickbooks Pro, quickbooks Premier or quickbooks Enterprise.
Error 1603 While installing quickbooks Software update, it encounters an internal error. Call quickbooks Help Number for live support.
Error 1304 This type of error occurs due to an issue with CD-ROM. Contact our quickbooks Phone support Number for help
Error 1606 Error occurs when quickbooks is unable to access the network location.
Error 1935 It requires .NET framework during setup process. You can contact an expert on our quickbooks Technical Support Phone Number.
Error 1311 Error occurs if the source file is not found.
Error 1328 Error occurs while applying the patch to file C:\config.msi\PT3OE.tmp. Contact quickbooks Toll free number for assistance.
Error 12037 This occurs when quickbooks is unable to complete the update.
Error 1935 Error occurs during installation of assembly component or one sort of Microsoft Windows Error.
Internal Error 2908 Error occurs if Microsoft .NET framework is damaged. Get support for quickbooks from our experts.
Error 1402 Error occurs when you are not able to open key [2] during quickbooks installation.
Error message 128 This type of error occurs if there are some account numbers wit letters as 1101.A1, 1101.B1, 1101.C1, etc,.
Error 15250 Error occurs if quickbooks is unable to create necessary internet connection for updation process.
Server Busy Error This error occurs due to low system resources. Call on the quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number.
Error 1706 Error occurs due to attempted installation from media like CD or DVD. Contact quickbooks Online support now.
Error 16026 Error occurs while upgrading quickbooks File. This error happens in very different conditions. quickbooks online tech support can help you with this.
Error 3 Error occurs due to Adobe reader 7 or highest version is unable to be detected on your browser.
quickbooks Payroll Service Errors Error Description
Error 12002 This Error occurs in quickbooks or quickbooks payroll service update due to network timeout which is preventing quickbooks to access the server.
Error 12007 This type of error occurs when the internet explorer is not your default browser.
Error 12029 quickbooks Payroll service error due to internet issue or firewall settings which is blocking the connections.
Error 12031 quickbooks payroll error due to internet connection problem.
Error 17337 Error occurs during updation of quickbooks Payroll service. It happens due to incorrect SSL settings.
Error 15263 When quickbooks Payroll update is not completed successfully.

We can repair your corrupted or damaged quickbooks Data file and convert it in the same or updated version (if required) of quickbooks so that you don't need to upgrade your version of quickbooks to use the repaired data file and by doing so you can save your money by not purchasing the new software of quickbooks. We provide services for file repair from any version of quickbooks: version 1.0 (DOS) to the current version of quickbooks Pro, quickbooks Premier or quickbooks Enterprise 16.0 or any previous version if required. Our rate of success is over 96%! This is how we are able to offer guarantee of no charge if we are not able to recover your damaged or corrupted quickbooks Data file.